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HELLO, Nice to meet you 🙂

Who am I?

I am a Java Dev in an Agile World. I enjoy creating stuff, especially when I have to start from square one. That is particularly why I am drawn to developing: part of the job requires venturing into the unknown. It is intimidating at first, but once I control my breathing and starting breaking the problem into smaller chunks, I find it easier to digest. There is more I can say about myself, but I cannot put it on this page.

Recent Articles

Why managers are generally afraid to take risks

For the longest time, I always wondered why managers with a development background seem to lose their zeal for new things and become their worst enemy. I've heard the same people who once developed express frustration at their managers for preventing the use of newer...

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Getting used to “NO”

Growing up in an Indian household, I was taught to ask few questions, obey orders, and fall in line. These lessons helped me get through many different circumstances in life. However, there was an ill side effect: I lost confidence and initiative. As a result, I would...

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If you have a question on any of the articles I wrote, or want to further discuss anything technical, hit me up using the form to the right.

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