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HELLO, Nice to meet you 🙂

Who am I?

I am a Java Dev in an Agile World. I enjoy creating stuff, especially when I have to start from square one. That is particularly why I am drawn to developing: part of the job requires venturing into the unknown. It is intimidating at first, but once I control my breathing and starting breaking the problem into smaller chunks, I find it easier to digest. There is more I can say about myself, but I cannot put it on this page.

Recent Articles

Getting used to “NO”

Growing up in an Indian household, I was taught to ask few questions, obey orders, and fall in line. These lessons helped me get through many different circumstances in life. However, there was an ill side effect: I lost confidence and initiative. As a result, I would...

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On the Edge: Review

Sometimes, the best lessons are learned through experience. Hence, when my wife recommended I read this book, I was curious why the two of us would have a common interest in a book. After reading it though, I see why. Allison Levine shares leadership lessons learned...

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Grit: Review

I must confess I read this book a few months ago but have finally made the time to write a review about it. If you have not read the book, you can watch a TED talk here. Angela Duckworth shares her research concluding that in the long run, people who persist through...

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Contact Me

If you have a question on any of the articles I wrote, or want to further discuss anything technical, hit me up using the form to the right.

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